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Press freedom comes with a few red lines IPS 09/05/2019

The collapse of autocratic regimes in Tunisia and Egypt has broken the state’s stranglehold on the local press, but journalists and bloggers must still be careful what they say.

Fear and shock in Bin Laden’s village IPS 09/05/2019

The killing of Osama bin Laden in the garrison city Abbottabad in Pakistan has sent shockwaves among its citizens. The city of 600,000 seemed grief-stricken. Most people avoid media persons, who have arrived here in droves in this most peaceful place in the violence-wracked Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

South Africa: Empowered faith, empowered women GenderLinks 09/05/2019

“Your husband is king.” This was recently the group consensus at a ladies faith-based study in the informal settlement of Masiphumelele in Cape Town. Agreement was muttered around the room as heads nodded.

Contributing with style: American designers raise $270,000 for Japan Spare Change News (USA) 09/05/2019

More than 100 fashion designers came together in New York, USA, this past April, raising $280,000 for those affected by the March 11th earthquake/tsunami in Japan.

Street poets break down stereotypes with the power of words Street Roots (USA) 09/05/2019

In Portland, USA, street writers and homeless people have come together to recite poems. Because they might be lacking shelter and provisions but will never run out of food for the soul: poetry.

Spaced out The Big Issue Australia 09/05/2019

Half a century ago, humans looked to the heavens for power and inspiration. The USA ‘won’ the space race when men walked on the moon. Today shuttles are being retired, rocket rides are for big spenders and the big questions still haven’t been answered. But we did get some good movies and music.

Interview: Homeless by accident Macadam (France) 09/05/2019

When Ann Webb went on a trip around Europe she never imagined she would found herself stuck in Paris, with no money or a place to stay. After spending a homeless winter in the streets of an unknown city, she wrote Surviving in the street where she compares the situation of homeless people in the USA with the one in France.

American hockey team donates food to homeless shelters Spare Change News (USA) 09/05/2019

It doesn’t matter if the Boston Bruins win or lose; they always score major points for the Boston Rescue Mission. Throughout the 2010-2011 hockey season the team has been donating surplus concession food at the end of each home game to the Boston Rescue Mission.

Why the U.S. mistrusts Pakistan's spies Reuters 09/05/2019

In 2003 or 2004, Pakistani intelligence agents trailed a suspected militant courier to a house in the picturesque hill town of Abbottabad in northern Pakistan. There, the agents determined that the courier would make contact with one of the world's most wanted men, Abu Faraj al-Libbi, who had succeeded September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Muhammad as al Qaeda operations chief a few months earlier.

Big Pharma's global guinea pigs Reuters 09/05/2019

The Polish port city of Gdansk is famous for its shipyards. Hungary's fifth largest city, Pecs, is known for its ancient architecture and brewery. Neither is particularly renowned for medicine. Yet when AstraZeneca Plc tested its big new drug hope Brilinta on heart attack patients in a major clinical study, it was hospitals in these places that enrolled some of the highest number of patients anywhere in the world.

Digging in, falling out and earning zip The Big Issue South Africa 09/05/2019

Millions of men in South Africa earn their daily bread doing back-breaking physical labour. A journalist, who’s more used to getting thumb-cramp from typing than hands dotted with hard-earned blisters, joined a team in KwaZulu-Natal for a day to get a taste of just how grueling the work is.

Paddling around Iceland The Big Issue South Africa 09/05/2019

Riaan Manser has made his mark as South Africa’s frontrunner in the modern day explorer race, going to great risk to find untouched places and extreme adventure. But his third expedition, that will take him and his friend Dan Skinstad to Iceland, is more about a stroke of inspiration than testing boundaries.

Are biofuels making the world hungry? Street News Service 09/05/2019

When climate change became a major international concern and oil prices reached unthinkable records, biofuels emerged as the miraculous solution for humanity’s problems. But saving the environment came at a very high price for poor countries, since crops that used to be turned into food started being turned into fuel, creating a rise in food prices.

Gay, grey and groundbreaking Street Roots (USA) 09/05/2019

In modern times, people are becoming more and more open towards homosexuality, in part due to the trendy Hollywood culture that conveys the image of young, hip and good looking gay men and women. But the situation changes when it comes to the elderly. Who ever heard of an LGBTQ group at your grandma’s nursing home?

Carers travel from Poland to look after the elderly in Switzerland Surprise (Switzerland) 09/05/2019

More and more senior citizens in Switzerland are supervised at home by foreign carers. Gerda Pieruch came from Poland to look after Rosmarie Frei. Her job is to care. But her presence is the biggest help of all.

Experts analyse the impact of Bin Laden’s death Reuters 02/05/2019

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight with U.S. forces in Pakistan, ending a years-long hunt for the mastermind of the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.

Death hangs over homecoming at Chernobyl IPS 02/05/2019

It was almost 6am on April 26, 2019, when Alexey Breus left his flat in Pripyat and headed towards Chernobyl’s infamous reactor number 4, unaware that it had been five hours since his workplace had witnessed the beginning of the world’s worst nuclear disaster: "Only when I arrived with the bus I saw the destruction," he told IPS. "My hair stood up."

Gender inequality persists behind closed doors IPS 02/05/2019

While gender roles have changed since Cuba's 1959 revolution, inequalities persist among men and women in private life, and young people are both accepting that and breaking with it.

Homeless community in Nashville, USA, gets harder to trace The Contributor (USA) 02/05/2019

On May 2010, Nashville, USA, was hit with record-breaking floods that displaced thousands of people. The 140 men and women who lived at Nashville’s largest homeless encampment, Tent City, woke up to waist-high water, with many residents losing all of their belongings. One year later, those 140 people are scattered around the city, reinforcing the city’s need for transitional housing for its homeless community.

Tunisian women hold tight to rights after revolution Reuters 02/05/2019

For Tunis resident Amel, her country's January revolution brought her personal freedom after two decades living in a repressive police state.

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