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In cyberspy vs. cyberspy, China has the edge Reuters 02/05/2019

As America and China grow more economically and financially intertwined, the two nations have also stepped up spying on each other. Today, most of that is done electronically, with computers rather than listening devices in chandeliers or human moles in tuxedos.

Opposing child labor with consumer demand Dowser 02/05/2019

April 16th marked the anniversary of the death of Pakistani rug-slave-turned-activist Iqbal Massih who championed work against child labor and inspired the work of GoodWeave, a market-based solution to child labor in South Asia’s textile industry.

Quality Dental Plan: A new option for a healthy mouth Spare Change News (USA) 02/05/2019

One in three people in the USA don’t go to the dentist because of the cost. A practice in Oregon is trying to lower that statistic by offering cheaper options. The project is already spreading nationally.

American Governor presents a new emergency shelter system Spare Change News (USA) 02/05/2019

Dealing with one of the biggest budget cuts of the past twenty years, the Governor of Massachusetts, USA, Deval Patrick, has decided to take a new approach to ending homelessness. He has presented a proposal to reform the emergency shelter system and work towards a transition to a housing first approach.

Mugabe elite exposed in new list of land seizures SW Radio Africa 02/05/2019

Robert Mugabe and his cronies have once again been exposed as the top beneficiaries of the unlawful land grab campaign, in a new report published last week.

British schools face challenges as number of Roma students rise Street News Service 02/05/2019

Since Romania joined the EU in 2007, the south east Manchester, UK, has seen an increase in the size of its Roma community. Today one in nine pupils at the Cedar Mount High School is Romanian Roma. The students face bullying and discrimination but some reach success.

South African poets show support for Chinese Nobel Laureate The Big Issue South Africa 02/05/2019

What do you get when you fill a room with South Africa’s most prominent poets, including former apartheid prisoners, for a protest against the ongoing detention of Chinese Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo? A very dangerous and powerful statement against any government that tries to impede any writer’s freedom of speech.

If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry Street News Service 02/05/2019

Satire is, above all, a bag of laughs. But in authoritarian countries, such as Venezuela or Russia, satire is also the voice of freedom; a weapon used to expose the irony of unjust systems.

Senegal tests controversial maternal health drug Street News Service 02/05/2019

It is a killer. But it is also preventable. Postpartum Hemorrhaging (PPH) is the most common cause of maternal death worldwide. But a controversial drug may provide just the remedy. Research trials conducted in Senegal have shown promising results to help save women from bleeding to death after delivery.

Rio de Janeiro’s garbage workers make art-project out of trash The Contributor (USA) 02/05/2019

Living and working in the world’s largest dump, the ‘catadores’ of Rio de Janeiro sort trash for a living. When world-famous Brazilian artist Vik Muniz decided to do an art-project with the workers, he was surprised to discover how ingenious, creative and magnetic his subjects were - and just how involved in their lives he would become.

Global Voices: Western intervention Street News Service 02/05/2019

Western countries have a long history of military intervention, often on alleged humanitarian grounds but never without controversy. Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq are some examples. Countries like Italy, France, Britain and the United States are now in Libya fighting the Gaddafi regime.

Worldwide Vendor Spotlight: Dragoslav Pavlovic Surprise (Switzerland) 02/05/2019

Sixty-one-year-old Dragoslav Pavlovic, known as Paul, is the first blind seller of the Swiss street magazine, Surprise. When he had just started his new job, he ran into trouble with security at a department store. But he still thinks it’s better to be a street paper vendor than to battle with Zurich’s social welfare office.

UK, US relent on Zim ‘blood diamond’ ban SW Radio Africa 25/04/2019

Western calls for an international ban on trading in Zimbabwe’s controversial Chiadzwa diamonds appear to have been silenced, after a reported agreement on the country’s trade future was met in Dubai last week.

American system to fight homelessness for the past 30 years has failed, says expert Spare Change News (USA) 25/04/2019

Joel John Roberts, CEO of the American NGO PATH (People Assisting the Homeless), talks about the growth of homelessness in the US, a country where nearly one million people don't have a place to call home.

The New York City Rescue Mission Spare Change News (USA) 25/04/2019

Open since 1872, New York City Rescue Mission is the oldest organisation in the US to provide help to those who are struggling with homelessness, mental illness and substance abuse. Today, it offers 100 beds - 29 for long-term residents -, meals, clothing and medical assistance.

Royal bride Middleton is no Diana, experts say Reuters 25/04/2019

Few men would feel comfortable hearing their future wife compared to their mother. But that is what Prince William would face week in, week out, had he the time and inclination to wade through the royal press cuttings.

Study uncovers genes that aid malarial resistance Reuters 25/04/2019

U.S. researchers have identified 11 genes that malaria parasites use to defend themselves against standard treatments, a finding that could prolong the life of current drugs or help find better ones.

Japan’s earthquake: through the eyes of a street paper vendor The Big Issue Japan 25/04/2019

Futoshi Suzuki, vendor of The Big Issue Japan wrote down his thoughts about the tragic events of March 11, when a 9.0 earthquake hit the country.

Runaway Switchboard provides youth with resources free of judgment StreetWise (USA) 25/04/2019

The National Runaway Switchboard is a helpline for young people that might be facing homelessness, many times because they have ran away from home. Based in Chicago, the helpline gets calls from all over the USA.

Youth find shelter at The Crib StreetWise (USA) 25/04/2019

In Chicago, USA, there are approximately 10% of the beds needed to provide safe shelter for youth in need. However, there are still shelters closing down. The Crib is one of them. Heather Lipe Bradley Youth Outreach Manager at The Night Ministry explains why.

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