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Aboriginal students face barriers to graduation Megaphone - Canada 07/05/2019

Canada’s aboriginal teens are failing behind their peers when it comes to high school graduation rates. Racism and lack of appropriate education are key causes of this disparity.

To drink or not to drink: mineral or tap water? Hecho en Buenos Aires - Argentina 07/05/2019

Associated with health and beauty, mineral water is a massive business handling hundreds of millions of dollars in the world. Have you ever asked yourself what are the real benefits of not drinking tap water and buying plastic bottles made from PET that take years to decompose? Patricia Serrano takes a look into this premise, discovering things that may surprise you.

Women are worth less in Indiana Homeward Bound News - USA 07/05/2019

In the U.S. women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. In Indiana the wage gap can mean a woman may earn as much as $256 (USD) per week. For Latina and African-American woman the wage gap is even greater.

“Life never runs smoothly” Hinz und Kunzt - Germany 07/05/2019

German-Nigerian singer Nneka is a woman who has faced much hardship in her life, indeed her moto is ‘life never runs smoothly’. However, despite the many challenges she has faced she has made a successful music career for herself after fleeing Nigeria and starting a new life in Germany.

Why Brits pack their bags for Eastern Europe Liceulice - Serbia 07/05/2019

For a few Brits sick of the daily rat-race, exhausting commutes, terrible weather and economic turmoil, a new life in Eastern Europe is becoming ever-more appealing. One ex-pat explains why he packed his bags for the ‘white city’ of Belgrade and never looked back.

Mitt is mean: Why Romney is still dogged by Seamus Spare Change News - USA 07/05/2019

When Mitt Romney fastened a carrier containing Seamus, the Romneys’ Irish setter, to the roof of the family car, he could not have predicted the firestorm of controversy that the event would ignite almost 30 years later.

Malaysia mosque a source of hope for heroin addicts Reuters 07/05/2019

For 30 years, Feisal Fakharudin lived a heroin addict's life, sleeping on streets, getting into trouble with police and rotating in and out of drug treatment centers.

US health centers for poor, uninsured see ranks swell Reuters 07/05/2019

U.S. community health centers that cater to the poor and uninsured saw their patients' ranks swell by nearly 18 percent from 2008 to 2011 as job loss left more Americans without health insurance.

Another Olympics sans Saudi women? IPS 07/05/2019

While athletes around the world enter their final stages of training for the 30th Olympic Games in London this July, Saudi Arabia stands alone as the only country that has banned females from participating.

Sexual abuse keeps girls out of school IPS 07/05/2019

Sexual harassment of school-going girls is one factor that may prevent this Pacific island nation from achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of eliminating gender disparity in education by 2015.

Vendor Spotlight: William (Homeward Bound, USA) Homeward Bound News - USA 07/05/2019

William once was part of America’s workforce. He worked most of his life; a life that also included bouts with substance abuse and law enforcement. Yet this 55-year-old, who is now homeless, still dreams of returning to work. As a first step, he has become a vendor for Indianapolis’ new street paper Homeward Bound.

Kanadische Ureinwohner stehen vor hohen Hürden im Bildungssystem Megaphone - Canada 07/05/2019

Die Kinder der kanadischen Ureinwohner schaffen seltener ihren Abschluss als ihre Mitschüler. Die Hauptgründe für dieses Missverhältnis sind Rassismus und der Mangel an angemessenen Bildungsmöglichkeiten.

In Sambia spülen Regenfluten Leben und Hoffnung weg INSP 07/05/2019

Obwohl der Regen in Sambia sehr willkommen ist und für die Farmer den Anfang der Pflanzzeit markiert, fürchten Millionen die jährlichen Regengüsse, die auch Tod, Krankheit und Zerstörung bringen.

Während der Finanzkrise steigt die Selbstmordrate The Big Issue in the North - UK 07/05/2019

Der öffentliche Suizid von Dimitris Christoulas in Athen war eine schockierende Erinnerung an die tragischen Auswirkungen der Wirtschaftskrise auf die Menschen. Und obwohl die Arbeitsrate in ganz Europa sinkt, steigt die Zahl der Selbstmorde.

Eine Moschee in Malaysia gibt Heroinabhängigen Hoffnung Reuters 07/05/2019

30 Jahre lang lebte Feisal Fakharudin das Leben eines Heroinabhängigen: Er schlief auf der Straße, bekam Probleme mit der Polizei und ging in Suchtkliniken ein und aus.

INSPiring the World (May 2012) INSP 07/05/2019

On every first Monday of the month we present editors with a selection of short stories from the news service website. The package can be used to fill the international pages in your street paper. Simply click ‘download article’ and ‘download gallery images’ to reprint the material. Other language versions are available below the text.

The industries of misery Street Sheet - Canada 07/05/2019

Why is it that in North America, in every city, there are countless young homeless, desperate citizens? Youth who fall through the cracks and end up on the street. The machinery goes to work when a person is in trouble in order to make a profit off their backs - The system doesn't seek to "help" the homeless youth but to profit from their misery. Many of us have heard this before. You don't see it in the mainstream media so much - but in underground zines, and also, but not so often anymore, "street papers" too.

Election brings no hope to Athens soup kitchens Reuters 04/05/2019

In front of a rundown building in central Athens, four men and a young woman pull a huge pot and bottle of gas from the trunk of a car and set them up on the pavement.

Die Wahlen bringen keine Hoffnung in die Suppenküchen von Athen Reuters 04/05/2019

Vor einem heruntergekommenen Gebäude im Zentrum Athens hieven vier Männer und eine Frau einen riesigen Topf und eine Gasflasche aus dem Kofferraum eines Autos und bauen alles auf dem Bürgersteig auf.

Germany’s 6 million low wage workers at risk of poverty FREIeBÜRGER - Germany 03/05/2019

In Germany many full-time workers cannot make a living from their wage and risk slipping into poverty. With this problem affecting both temporary and permanent staff, German street paper FREIeBURGER finds that there are possible political solutions to poverty, despite the country’s increasingly uncertain economic situation.

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