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Tweeting democracy across the Arab world IPS 23/04/2019

Over the past few years, the political landscape of the Middle East was wholly transformed by the diffusion of social media across the region. Accounting for 50-65 percent of the region's population, young Muslims quickly embraced these new platforms of mass communication and soon thereafter, they became leaders of revolutions.

Libyans now battle over housing IPS 23/04/2019

The future is uncertain for the gregarious Alhasairi family, living in a downtown apartment block battle-scarred from last year’s overthrow of the Gaddafi regime. Like countless of similar cases across Libya, the property itself is now contested, as the original owners want to return home.

Illuminating art exhibition gives voice to homeless The Big Issue in the North - UK 23/04/2019

An art exhibition titled ‘Visible Words from Invisible People’ which illuminates the lives of young homeless people in the English city of Wakefield, also shines a light on homeless issues across the country.

Steps that make dreams come true The Big Issue South Africa 23/04/2019

The non-profit Dance for All has changed hundreds of young South Africans’ lives through the magic of movement. Co-founder and former principal dancer Phillip Boyd believes the discipline required for a life of dance can help keep kids off the streets and away from drugs: “Dance is hope and that’s what we provide.”

Zambia’s ‘beautiful game’ remains one-sided The Big Issue Zambia 23/04/2019

While Zambia’ male football team may have brought home the 2012 African Nations Cup, the country’s women teams are also enjoying success on the pitch, yet their triumphs are going unrecorded by Zambia’s media and a lack of funding and support from the county’s Football Association is holding back female footballers.

Copenhagen’s prohibition zones abolished Hus Forbi - Denmark 23/04/2019

The abolishment of prohibition zones once used by police in areas of Copenhagen finally allows the city’s homeless population, drug addicts and prostitutes a basic right: to walk the streets of Denmark’s capital freely, without incurring fines.

Nashville’s potty problems The Contributor - USA 23/04/2019

Nashville’s lack of public restrooms and Tennessee’s public indecency and indecent exposure law pose a problem for the city’s homeless community. When, for lack of any other option, they choose to answer nature’s call in public, they do so at the risk of citation or arrest.

How Bostonians are keeping house Spare Change News - USA 23/04/2019

In Boston, local organizations have been collaborating to help residents stay in their home post-foreclosure, through group actions and protests, lobbying and legal advice.

Chicago campaigns for right to a home Street Speech - USA 23/04/2019

Chicago’s Anti-Eviction Campaign is fighting to keep people who are being foreclosed in their homes and working to connect homeless people with vacant properties.

Homeless czar speaks out Street Sense - USA 23/04/2019

Leading US activist, Barbara Poppe, speaks about the key issues facing America’s homeless, including their lack of housing rights, the link between criminalization of the homeless and the violence and hate crimes they often suffer as a result, and the continuing battle to end chronic homelessness in the US by 2015.

Holländisches Insekten-Kochbuch soll Lust auf Ungeziefer wecken Reuters 23/04/2019

Fehlen Ihnen Proteine in Ihrer Ernährung? Versuchen Sie doch einmal, ihrem Schoko-Muffin Rezept Würmer hinzuzufügen, oder peppen Sie Ihr Pilzrisotto mit ein paar Grashüpfern auf.

Die Biennale zeigt zeitgenössische Kunst mit politischer Botschaft Reuters 23/04/2019

Hunderte Birken aus dem größten Konzentrationslager der Nazis in Auschwitz-Birkenau sind über ganz Berlin verteilt, wo sie als lebendes Denkmal an das dunkelste Kapitel der deutschen Geschichte erinnern sollen.

Kunstausstellung gibt Obdachlosen eine Stimme The Big Issue in the North - UK 23/04/2019

Eine Kunstausstellung mit dem Titel „Sichtbare Worte unsichtbarer Menschen“, die das Leben junger Obdachloser in der englischen Stadt Wakefield beleuchtet, wirft auch ein Licht auf die Probleme Obdachloser im ganzen Land.

Tanzschritte, die Träume wahr machen The Big Issue South Africa 23/04/2019

Die gemeinnützige Organisation „Dance for All“ hat das Leben Hunderter junger Südafrikaner durch die Magie der Bewegung verändert. Der Mitbegründer und ehemalige Solotänzer Phillip Boyd glaubt, dass die Disziplin, die ein Leben für den Tanz verlangt, Kinder von der Straße und von Drogen fernhalten kann: „Tanzen ist Hoffnung, und genau die geben wir den Kindern“.

Fußball in Sambia bleibt von Männern dominiert The Big Issue Zambia 23/04/2019

Die sambische Fußballmannschaft der Männer hat den African Nations Cup 2012 gewonnen – aber auch die Frauen des Landes sind auf dem Fußballplatz erfolgreich. Ihre Triumphe werden jedoch in den sambischen Medien kaum beachtet, und der Mangel an Finanzmitteln und Unterstützung durch den Fußballverband des Landes hindert die Fußballspielerinnen daran, ihr Potenzial voll auszuschöpfen.

Kopenhagen schafft seine Sperrzonen ab Hus Forbi - Denmark 23/04/2019

Die Abschaffung der Sperrzonen, die die Polizei in einigen Gegenden Kopenhagens eingerichtet hatte, erlauben den Obdachlosen, Drogensüchtigen und Prostituierten der Stadt endlich, ein grundlegendes Recht wahrzunehmen: Die Straßen der dänischen Hauptstadt frei entlangzugehen, ohne Angst vor Bußgeldern.

Nashvilles Toiletten-Probleme The Contributor - USA 23/04/2019

Der Mangel an öffentlichen Toiletten in Nashville und Tennessees Gesetze, die den öffentlichen Anstand und Entblößung in der Öffentlichkeit betreffen, machen den Obdachlosen der Stadt zu schaffen. Wenn sie sich aus Mangel an anderen Möglichkeiten dazu entschließen, dem Ruf der Natur in der Öffentlichkeit nachzugeben, riskieren sie, vorgeladen oder gar verhaftet zu werden.

Under the bridge FREIeBÜRGER - Germany 23/04/2019

Last year, Rosemarie, a street vendor for German street paper FREIeBÜRGER', made camp under the Kersten Miles Bridge in the centre of Hamburg along with several other of the city’s homeless. Despite angering local politicians who took steps to drive out the homeless, the local community rallied around Rosemarie and her companions and successful protested their right to stay. .

Married to music The Big Issue in the North - UK 22/04/2019

Hailing from Bamako, Mali’s rapidly growing yet impoverished capital city, blind duo Amadou and Mariam have found world-wide acclaim, including a Grammy nomination, as the biggest-selling music act to have emerged from Africa this century.

Photo Essay: Facing Eviction Reuters 16/04/2019

Evictions, up to 200 a day, have become a symbol of Spain's 5-year economic crisis, started by a collapse in the housing and construction industry that put millions out of work. This article is accompanied by a selection of powerful photographs from Reuters which document the difficult and traumatic experiences of eviction faced by hundreds of immigrants in Spain every day.

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